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Partner with Finakya, to delight your existing and prospective customers

Finakya will help you retain your customers, by helping you increase their profits. Should you be as good as you say, Finakya users can reach out to you for advice or investment.

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    Offer subscriptions based access to your financial advice (SEBI/AMFI registered only) to our Finakya users

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    Schedule Consultations

    Act as a MF/Stock consultant (SEBI/AMFI registered only) and help customers who need it

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    Use Finakya's benchmarking system to compare returns and update advice accordingly. Transparency is the key to establishing trust.

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    Automatic Triggers

    Get triggers and reminders to serve your clients better

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    Chat with customers

    AMFI Registered IFAs/MFDs get a chat panel to talk to and discuss customer requirements before advising

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    Single Platform

    Pair Finakya with our upcoming product Finakya MFDSaaS and manage all your old and new customers from one platform

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