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  • Hi there. I am Finakya.

    Do I really need an introduction? Let's just say that I can help you bring your financial life back on track. Whatever your source of agony, I can cure it.

How can I help you, you say?

I can help you save, earn and invest more.

  • Step 1

    Step 1

    Analyze - I will help you analyze and find patterns and leaks in your expenditures.

  • Step 2

    Step 2

    Save - I can help you save more money, by negotiating better offers with existing merchants, and by helping you switch to new products.

  • Step 3

    Step 3

    Earn - I can help you earn cashbacks and redeem rewards. I can also help you upgrade your career and get paid more!

  • Step 4

    Step 4

    Invest - I can get you SEBI and AMFI registered expert guidance to grow your investments at record rates.

  • Unable to remember where your spent that money? Leave it to Finakya.

    With a industry first, Finakya uses a real time crowd sourced merchant detection algorithm to let you know exactly where you spent your money. No need to worry over those forgotten expenditures any more, Finakya is here to help.

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Your Transactions. Redefined.

See your transactions as our Smart View List of bare essentials. Or see a Calendar view. Identify spending patterns via the Summary view.

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Gamification. Redefined. Finance is fun again.

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Finakya negotiates the best deals for you. Period.

Finakya fetches you better deals from your existing merchants. Standard users get access to deals and coupons, while Silver and Gold users get access to VIP and VVIP custom offers for them. Wish to save more? Finakya recommends similar merchants or products at a lesser price.

  • Deals and coupons

    We crowd source the latest deals and coupons, especially for you.

  • Customised VVIP offers

    Save more than all others using your Silver or Gold Membership

  • Better merchants and products at lesser price

    Finakya's weekly reports offer you the ability, to optimise your spendings and save more.

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  • Finakya gives you a peaceful budgeting experience

    For the first time, you get a budget that works for you! Experience superior details, tracking and motivation to stay on track!

  • Track and monitor all parameters of your net worth!

    Keep a close watch on your account balances, active investments, loans and other assets as well.

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  • Get your own personalised life coach with insightful weekly updates on your progress.

    Finakya is the only app with this revolutionary technology that enables you to live your life to the fullest, without worry!

  • Introducing, Events.

    Finakya gives you new ways and perspectives to manage your finances, your way. One of them, is events. Use them to track expenditure event wise.

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  • The best social features are in Finakya.

    Finakya understands that there is a social aspect to finance. All our social features are crafted to maximise your ability to manage your finances.

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      Split Bills

      Finakya helps you split all kinds of transactions with your friends

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      Helper Bot

      The proprietary Finakya helper bot helps you collect all the payments on time from your friends, and reminds you to pay them back too!

  • Still not convinced?

    Don't take our word for it, take Rohit's! Watch this video to know more.

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  • Standard


    No Payment Needed

    • 1 Main Dashboard
    • 2 Cash Bundle Items
    • Unlimited Chats and Bill Splits
    • Unlimited Feature Requests
    • Credit Card Manager Unlocked
    • Subscriptions Tracker Unlocked
    • Bills Tracker Unlocked
    • Unlimited Advanced Budgets
    Free Forever
  • Silver


    Billed per Month

    • Everything in Standard
    • No-Ads
    • +2 Auxilliary Dashboards
    • Unlimited Events
    • Priority Customer Support
    • Office Reimbursements Tracker Unlocked
    • 1 Business Accounts Tracker Unlocked
    • VIP Offers from Merchants
    • Unlimited Finakya Learning
    Coming Soon
  • Gold


    Billed per Month

    • Everything in Silver
    • Unlimited Business Accounts Unlocked
    • Investments Tracker Unlocked
    • VVIP Offers and Early Access Sales
    • Exclusive Gamification Content Unlocked
    • 24/7 Priority Customer Support
    Coming Soon
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Get Finakya today, and live a wholesome and prosperous life, like never before.

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