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Revolutionising merchants and shops

It has been ages since the merchants and shops industry in India, has been upgraded. Finakya allows you to sell to the customers who want and need your products,and it helps bring genuine customers to your store. It's an absolute win-win for all!

  • Generate interest

    Connect with customers who value and treasure your brand, and keep them wanting to come back for more.

  • Reverse Marketplace

    The Finakya Marketplace operates in reverse. Products are recommended to customers who would most benefit from them. This leads to higher satisfaction and trust

  • Easy Brand Management

    Finakya allows you to manage your brand from one dashboard.

  • Get constructive feedback

    Timely feedback and constructive criticism are key to growth. Get unbiased feedback from your customers.

  • Reward loyalty

    Loyal customers are the cornerstone of any business. Reward them for their patronage.

  • Customised Offers

    Not all customers are same. Design correct offers for the right customers for a mutually fulfilling relationship.

  • Manage End-Of-Season Sales and Early Access

    Festive times calls for festive measures. Manage your year end sale celebrations from one panel.

  • Offer Support

    Additionally, you may use the Finakya platform to address customer queries and complaints.

Finakya Logo

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